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Egress Window Wells

Egress window wells are an important investment that protect your loved ones, add value to your home, and bring in outdoor light and beauty.

These pre-cast concrete egress wells meet Egress code requirements and are engineer approved. 5000 psi concrete, fiber-mesh, grade 60 rebar, and attention to details combine to produce a quality window well that will last for generations. The design gives you the strength of concrete and the beauty of stone for a very affordable price.

The side panels are securely fastened to the concrete basement walls with 1” all-thread and the end panel interlocks with the side panels. The three piece design allows an average size skid steer to handle these wells.

high strength window wells

Shown here is an end panel bearing the weight of a skid steer.

Incredible lateral strength

  • Meets or exceeds Egress code
  • Engineer approved
  • 5,000 psi concrete
  • Fiber-mesh
  • Grade 60 rebar
  • Attention to detail

Egress Window Well Dimensions

(Inside Measurements - Projection x W x H)

3' x 5' x 5'7"

3' x 3'6" x 5'7"

3' x 5' x 6'3"

Custom Stamped Wells

Contractor discount available

Daylight Window Wells

These pre-cast concrete daylight window wells combine the strength and durability of concrete with an attractive stone pattern for a long-term value. These are pre-cast as one unit with 5000 psi concrete, fiber-mesh, grade 60 rebar, and attention to details.

They attach to the concrete basement wall with ¾ “ all-thread. The inside measurements are 24” by 43” wide and come in different heights. While these window wells don’t meet Egress codes, they are big enough to accommodate a medium sized window (30” x 48”) which provides good light and access.

Daylight Window Well Dimensions

(Inside Measurements - Projection x W x H)

24" x 40" x 30"

24" x 40" x 36"

24" x 40" x 42"

24" x 40" x 48"

24" x 40" x 54"

Contractor Discount Available

Window Well Covers

window well cover

We have a full selection of standard and customizable options for window well covers. Click here to view more information.

Window Well Cover Dimensions

3' x 5' cover

3' x 3.5' cover

29" x 53" cover (for daylight well)

Custom covers

Call Gene Yoder 620-931-5730

Well extension

Get Your Custom Quote

Besides the improved safety and peace of mind that comes with having an egress window well, our customers love the additional natural lighting that an egress window provides.

It’s both a great investment in your family’s safety, as well as your home’s resale value.

If you live in Wichita or the surrounding area, give us a call today to get your custom quote.

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