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Our typical installation procedure:

1. Have dig safe mark utilities. Locate UGS and unmarked utilities.

2. OPTIONAL green lawn preservation. We can place plywood on lawn to minimize damage to lawn and UGS. (Usually between $75-$400 extra per well). This step usually eliminates about 90% of the lawn damage.

3. Dig hole.

4. Cut hole for window in structurally sound concrete wall. We cut from the outside only. Our setup allows us to cut through 10” without any overcuts. We take significant measures to minimize any construction mess on the inside

5. Remove the concrete chunk.

6. Frame the opening with kiln dried pressure treated lumber.

7. Hang the well.

8. Backfill and hydraulic tamp the backfill.

9. Install the window and trim

10. Install the cover and ladder.

Quality window well covers are worthwhile investments that prevent children from falling into the wells and that help keep moisture, toads, and leaves out of the well. We stock durable and economical covers for our window wells that get their strength from a welded aluminum sub-frame and let lots of lights through the clear UV-resistant polycarbonate. The cover package includes hinges that fasten the cover to the foundation and a latch that locks the cover or props it open.

We stock covers for the wells we sell.

For custom window well covers, call Gene Yoder at 620-931-5730

Quite a few quality minded contractors use these pre-cast window wells. Please do not ask us to bid on egress well installation if you are also getting a bid from another contractor that uses these pre-cast wells. As a distributor to contractors, we prefer to not bid against contractors that use Illumicast window wells.

Feel free to contact us about any installation questions or services.