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Questions to ask the contractor if you are wanting an egress window and well:

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1. What damage will I have to the yard? When shall I quit irrigating?
We take reasonable measures to minimize yard damage. For $75 – $400 (depending on where window well is from access point), we can provide you with lawn protection that usually eliminates most lawn damage. We lay out plywood on the lawn and don’t pile dirt on grass.
2. What will you do with the concrete section that is cut out of wall?
Since you don’t want a big piece of concrete at the bottom of your well, we always remove and haul off the concrete section that is cut out for the new window.
3. What makes you qualified to do this job?
I was in basement replacement and repair for most of 15 years and now we specialize in egress wells.
4. How long will job take?
We do turn key installations in one day. Sometimes trimming the inside of window happens on a second day.
5. How do you contain the mess on the inside?
We set up plastic barriers around the perimeter of our working area on the inside of the basement. This area is usually about 6’ away from window and about 8 feet wide. We also place plastic on the floor and we remove dirty shoes to walk through finished areas of your house.
6. Are there any drainage issues around the window well area?
Maintaining positive drainage around the house is the best insurance to protect your basement walls and to keep water out of your basement. You should not see standing water close to your house after a heavy rain. If there are significant drainage issues, we can provide you with a poured well which usually adds about $1000 but reduces chance of water issues.
7. Do I need a sump pump?
Unless you have underflow or drainage issues, a sump pump is seldom needed. However, your price includes a sump bucket in the window well which allows your to monitor any water issues and makes it easy to install a sump pump if you would ever need one.
8. Is my basement wall strong enough?
Most basement walls have some cracks, but if the cracks are large, if the wall has moved significantly, if your soil is in an area that has a lot of hydraulic movement, or if the basement walls are not poured walls with rebar, we need to evaluate your options. We have a number of option for these different situations.
9. What kind of well do you recommend? Why?
We specialize in precast wells because they are strong, don’t rust, and look nice. Using these wells allows us to complete the job in a day which means a significant cost savings for you. Depending on condition of basement wall, we sometimes recommend a poured in place well.
10. What type of window do I need?
We stock Pella vinyl windows that are energy star, come with a warranty, and are made from vinyl so there is no rot or deterioration. We stock a number of styles and sizes to fit your needs.
11. What happens when the dirt settles?
We now hydraulic tamp the backfill which reduces all or almost all settling. It is very important to keep positive slope away from the house and window well.
12. Any digging precautions or unmarked utilities to consider?
We take reasonable care to protect all utilities, but we are not responsible for unmarked utilities including UGS.

Feel free to contact us about any installation questions or services.