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Window Well Covers
Quality window well covers are worthwhile investments that prevent children from falling into the wells and that help keep moisture, toads, and leaves out of the well. We stock durable and economical covers for our window wells that get their strength from a welded aluminum sub-frame and let lots of lights through the clear UV-resistant polycarbonate. The cover package includes hinges that fasten the cover to the foundation and a latch that locks the cover or props it open.
We stock covers for the wells we sell.

For custom window well covers, call Gene Yoder at 620-931-5730

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Precast Items

Average adult can stand on the window well cover without breaking it.

Strength Test

Illumicast window well covers are designed with ample strength to prevent children from accidentally falling into window well.

Window Well Cover Dimensions

3' x 5' cover

3' x 3.5' cover

29" x 53" cover (for daylight well)

Custom covers

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Well extension

Windows for Egress and Daylight Window Wells

We stock the following Egress windows, but we can special order almost any window you like.

30 x 48 casement

30 x 48 casement with transom

48 x 48 slider

28 x 46 & 31 x 41 in-swing

These work esp. well when installing an egress window in the same location where there had been a small basement window . This eliminates the need to fill in brick on the outside and the ceiling on the inside and it lets in more light.

Ladders for Egress Window Wells

We stock powder coated ladders for window wells.


Grates for Egress and Daylight Window Wells

We have various styles of window grates available. Contact us for information.


3' x 5' grate

3' x 3.5' grate

29" x 53" grate (for daylight well)

Custom grates

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Basement window replacement

We can replace your old basement window with a new vinyl window.

Get Your Custom Quote

Besides the improved safety and peace of mind that comes with having an egress window well, our customers love the additional natural lighting that an egress window provides.

It’s both a great investment in your family’s safety, as well as your home’s resale value.

If you live in Wichita or the surrounding area, give us a call today to get your custom quote.

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See Our Selection of Precast Items

Precast Items