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Does an Egress Window Well Improve Home Value?

An egress window adds value to your home by increasing the number of bedrooms in your home, adding more natural lighting in your basement, and by improving the safety of your home. A basement with an egress window well is more attractive to a future buyer.

List Your Home With More Bedrooms

Bedrooms are required by code to have an escape window. If you have a room in your basement that doesn’t have an egress window, you may not be able to include it as a bedroom in your home’s real estate listing.

Since many people search for a new home based on the number of bedrooms, fewer home buyers may find your property.

In addition, the more bedrooms your home has, the more valuable it is to a potential buyer.

In the same way that adding a closet to a bonus room can convert it to a bedroom, adding an egress window well to a basement room can make it a proper bedroom.

Improve the Natural Lighting in Your Home

It's well established that people make home buying decisions emotionally and then use facts to rationalize their decision.

A home with plenty of natural light is a welcoming home. In other words, it gives potential buyers a good feeling as they tour your home for the first time.

Imagine the difference between stepping into a completely dark basement compared to a basement with natural light streaming in through a large egress window well.

An egress window well can make your home more appealing to potential buyers.

A Safer Home For a Potential Buyer

A home inspection is a normal part of buying a home. Home inspectors are trained to spot potential safety hazards with your home.

If your basement doesn’t have enough safety exits, a home inspector may note it on his report, potentially decreasing your buyer’s interest in purchasing your home.

The buyer may also use a lack of safety exits as a way to negotiate a lower price.

Your Home is More Valuable With an Egress Window Well

So yes, an egress window will improve the value of your home.

It improves the natural lighting of your home, increasing your home’s appeal.

The improved safety of an egress window well should help your home earn high marks on a home inspector’s report.

Perhaps most importantly, an egress window can allow you to list an additional bedroom on your real estate listing, directly increasing the value of your home.

Read about Kansas window well codes here.

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